Why Mainstream Dating Apps are No Longer Enough?

Have you experienced these challenges while using dating apps?

  1. Hundreds of profiles to swipe from, you don’t know if they are even real.
  2. Your matches only want casual relationships.
  3. You waste time chatting..
    only to be ghosted one week, one month,
    3 months later!
  4. Matches tend to focus too much on an attractive face - which does not result in a good and compatible match!

Lunch Actually App revolutionizes online dating in HongKong!

  • Seamless dating experience
  • 100% verified profiles and confidentiality
  • Personalized matchmaking service
  • No more swiping and endless chat
  • Go on REAL meaningful dates with REAL singles who are seriously looking for love
App revolutionizes online dating

Key Features of Lunch Actually Dating App:

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Free Dating Profile

Create and view your dating profile and membership package.

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Best Matches

View your handpicked matches by professional matchmaker.

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Date Reminder

Receive date reminders one day before the date.

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Start Going on Better Dates

D-Day Chat! Chat with your match 1 hour before the date to say hi and break the ice.

better dates
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Seamless Communication

with your matchmakers and dating consultants - all in 1 place!

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Personalised Dating Advice

Read free dating articles and resources prepared specially by our love experts.

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