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2019 Bucket List – Lunch Actually

Whenever the word bucket list is said, we automatically think about extreme things that pretty much take our entire life to plan and execute. 

When it comes to bucket list ideas, common thoughts are bungee jumping, parasailing, taking road trips or even living like Tarzan for a week (maybe not). Either way, crossing items from the bucket list takes time, money and the possibility of us kicking the bucket first. 

Solution: Start small!

It’s great to have big dreams and travel the world, but let’s see how many items from this bucket list have you tried? (Or plan to do!)

Let’s go!


#1 Pay for the car behind you in a drive-thru 

It's quite a gamble, I mean what if it's a clown car with 50 people in it. BUT at the end of the day, it's pretty rewarding to do at least ONE act of random kindness a day.

#2 Visit your primary school teacher

Super random, I know. More than we tend to realise, teachers do create an impact or influence in our life. Besides, imagine if they see you all grown-up and turned out not to be a complete waste of their time. (JOKE!)

#3 Get ordained online

It's always good to improve yourself and sometimes it doesn't have to be the traditional form of education. Get ordained and you'll never know whose love story you would get to be a part of!

#4 Finish a crossword puzzle

In all my life on this earth, I've never done this despite growing up with my face buried in the comic section of the newspaper. Take it as a challenge and see how far you can go. (I know I will!)

#5 Dance on the street

MAKE SURE IT'S AN EMPTY STREET. Most movies breakout in a group synchronized dance routine, then we had flash mob. Well, let go of the trend and move how your feet wants regardless of "people are watching" factor.

#6 Watch a sunrise

If you have trouble waking up, just stay up the whole night! #solution

#7 Achieve your New Year’s Resolution

Thanks to our multicultural nation, we have a few shots at New Year's Resolution ( New Year, Chinese New Year, Awal Muharram, Tamil New Year....the list goes on). So technically you have the chance to fulfill your resolution from ANY given New Year. 

#8 Read a classic Novel

Reading makes you more learn more and question even more. Even if it's not a classic, pick a book that has always made you curious and give it a good read. You might even develop a new hobby.

#9 Run a 5K Marathon

 ...or walk. As long as you complete it, that would be a great start!

#10 Write a poem

Bring out the poet in you! Writing and expressing yourself is proven to be therapeutic AND you'd be surprised with your hidden talent!

#11 Volunteer at a shelter/orphanage

Whether you are an animal lover or are great with kids, the world needs more than a 'like' and 'share' on Facebook to make it a better place.

#12 Do something you’re afraid of

Life experiences can be scary enough however, creating a bucket list should encourage you to do something out of the ordinary. So, if you're scared of taking a chance, maybe now is the time.

#13 Spend 24hours WITHOUT your phone

Honestly, I really don't know if I can pull this off. Just make sure people know where to find before you go MIA, okay?

#14 Write a letter to your future self

Imagine how you'd turn out to be in 10 years and write a letter to that person. This would help realise what are your expectations when it comes to self-growth.

#15 Throw a surprise party for a friend

Apart from being a nice friend, you can also really make their day. Besides, any reason to have cake is a good reason to throw a party.

#16 Learn a magic trick

Now you see it, now you....

#17 Create an art

Whether it's with brushes, canvas, clay whatever you've been meaning to try, GO FOR IT.

#18 Jump in a pool with your clothes

Make sure it's safe and YOU KNOW HOW TO SWIM.

#19 Have a picnic

....with yourself. You don't need to Instagram it or Facebook it. Bring a book if you like (refer to #8) and have a nice date with nature. It could relive you from all the stress and baggage you carry on a daily basis.

# 20 Go on a blind date

Have your friends set you up with people they might think would be compatible with you. If you have friends that can't really find a match for you, no worries! Plenty of reliable dating agencies around to help you find a safe and quality date.

Doesn’t seem so impossible right? Noting that requires you to fly to New York City and visit the Statue of Liberty (thought that does sound awesome!). It's good to start small. Chase for progress not perfection!

Sooo, how many do you think you can cross out soon?

If you never had a Bucket List before then this should help you get started to try something new!

In the spirit of trying new things, come check us out here and you might find a partner to cross out the list with ♥️


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