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Read Lunch Actually Reviews

Reading Reviews on Lunch Actually shed light on clients' experience with our services.

Here are the Lunch Actually Reviews, to those who wants to know a little more about our journey and impact.

Lunch Actually has been around the block for awhile as one of the top dating agencies in Singapore now and it’s heartwarming to know that over all these years we still manage to put a smile, bring soulmates together or at least find a friend for some of our male and female members. Reading Lunch Actually Reviews has been a tremendous help for us to improve our services.

Of course with good comes the bad reviews BUT it’s important in life to focus on the positive! Silver lining as they say. So here you go, our very own Lunch Actually Reviews :)

Lunch Actually Review #1

Lunch Actually Reviews

“It is not easy to meet like-minded single people in Singapore. Afterall, how many single friends can your friends recommend to you at the end of the day?

Lunch Actually was a good option for me to expand my social circle, especially as I wanted to meet people outside my industry. I embarked on my exciting journey with Rose and she is awesome! She is passionate about her job and her mission to help me find Love. She has a pair of sharp eye to do appropriate matching! It is an opportunity to meet more people and to increase the chances of finding the right one. Frankly, they can match compatibility but you can’t match chemistry. But if you don’t go on dates, how do you find chemistry?

I’m glad to say that I’m one of the successful cases. 😊 Married my match from LA, and our first baby boy is on the way!

A BIG thank you to the LA team! Continue to do what you do, and help the people out there!

For potential clients to LA, go in with an open mind, treat it as an adventure and enjoy your experience.”        -Eileen Lee

Lunch Actually Review #2

Lunch Actually Reviews

"I would like to say thanks you to my consultant Paige. She is a very professional consultant and provided a good service for me. This is a very professional platform for me to meet my soulmate. Thank you Lunch Actually.

My partner now is a caring, responsible, diligence, discipline, polite and respectful person. He wishes to meet a partner to accompany him in daily life and have a greater life in future. I'm a lucky lady!”       -B Blue

Lunch Actually Review #3

Lunch Actually Reviews

“As we all focus on driving our careers, we have less time to socialize and meet with new people.  This led to recommendations from friends to explore LUNCH ACTUALLY’s services.

I had been looked after by ROSE and JOY of LUNCH ACTUALLY and I would have to say that I am very lucky and blessed.

These 2 consultants are a huge asset to LUNCH ACTUALLY as they spent a lot of time understanding my requirements, my personality/character, reviewing the matches to make sure that they are suitable and a close fit.

They constantly encourage me and give real advice on dating etiquette.

Their personal touch and passion in trying to help singles meet their prospective partners are extremely commendable.

Through their efforts, I have met and started dating my girlfriend and we are also having serious considerations to head down the aisle in the near future.

Thank you LUNCH ACTUALLY!!”        - James Tiam

Lunch Actually Review #4

Lunch Actually Reviews

“We sometimes think about how coincidental it was that out of thousands and thousands of singles in Singapore, we received each other as matches, met, and fell in love. Our love story might not be conventional, like meeting in school, or through mutual friends, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. She is truly one-of-a-kind, and it's amazing how we're on the same wavelength and how she laughs at my jokes (which, I'll admit, are pretty lame).

Having found such a wonderful woman, I knew without a doubt that I want to spend the rest of my life with her, to have kids with her and to grow old with her. It was time to embark on the next stage of life with her, and with that in mind, I proposed to her on 22nd October 2015, and she accepted! It was truly one of the happiest moments of the both of our lives, to know that we've found someone who might not be perfect, but whom is perfect for each other.

A huge thank you to Lunch Actually, because I wouldn't have met my love without you! To all the cynics and skeptics out there, our story is living proof that dating platforms DO work - all you need is a good attitude and an open heart. We wish the other singles on the app good luck, and hope that they will find their other halves soon!”    - Adam Low

Lunch Actually Review #5

Lunch Actually Reviews

“Came across this dating service online and decided to try out, out of curiosity plus I was single. For me, the process happened very instantaneously. Met a consultant who had a big smile plastered on her face, she walked me through the process and was convinced that it was time for me to give this relationship thing another try. So I did, haven't found the one yet though. However, I am just very happy with their services like they literally take time to scan out the right candidate for you and give me advice whenever i have questions. So ya, to Lunch Actually, I will continue to put my trust on you to help me find the right person.”     -Jeanette Hee

Lunch Actually Reviews #6 & 7

Lunch Actually Reviews

“Really well thought out. Thorough and attentive to the needs of parties on both sides. Thank you!” - Chris Hwang

“Extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly! Consultants go out of their way to ensure they understand your requirements, and that your needs are met. Thanks Lunch Actually!”  -Prashay Dhupelia

Lunch Actually Reviews #8 & 9

Lunch Actually Reviews

“I know of some friends that had successful matches via lunch actually. Great service and truly a company with heart for its customers.”   - Annie Yap

“A friend told me about this service, I think its really a good service to help single business professional find matches. Worth to try!”  - Rindra Pistolana

Lunch Actually Review #10

Lunch Actually Reviews

“I had the pleasure of learning from a close single Friend of how Lunch Actually opened up her horizons and allowed her to meet people from other social circles that she would never normally meet.

Though she has yet to meet her Mr Right, she is now so much more optimistic and confident for her future.

Well done Lunch Actually!!”     - Gregory Leong

Finding love is a wonderful journey and we at Lunch Actually are thrilled to be a part of our clients’ important point in life through our matchmaking service.  Our dating consultants help our clients from image coaching to finding compatible matches.

Our clients are not randomly accepted, instead they go through personality tests and and screening before they are eligible to be set up with good matches. With the support and faith from our beloved clients, we will continue to give our full commitment to #makelovehappen. 

And if you’re one of those people who swears off love and marriage, just so you know, George Clooney WAS one of you :) 

The world and life is too big and beautiful to not be shared. 

"When you're lucky enough to meet your one person, then life takes a turn for the best. It can't get better than that," John Krasinski

Here are some of our recently married happy couples who found love over Lunch (Actually) and our appreciated cupids!

Lunch Actually successful couple from Thailand

Lunch Actually successful couple from Hong Kong

Lunch Actually successful couple from Singapore

Lunch Actually happy couple from Thailand

CLICK the link and start your journey to love NOW!

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