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Red Light Green Light in Dating

Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3!

By now we’re sure you have watched the newest blockbuster from Netflix, Squid Game! The 9-episode bloody drama series tells about survival games where the participants have the chance to walk away with $39 million.

Red Light, Green Light in dating.

In total, there are six games in which you can lose your life if you lose the game. The first game is Red Light, Green Light where those who lose are gunned down on the spot.

The lyrics are quite catchy (and creepy during the night) mugunghwa kochi pieotsumnida. In dating, there's also red light and green light. Want to know more?

*Don’t worry, no spoilers 😄

Read until the end to know Red Light Green Light in dating. 

🟢 Green Light 

1. The first green light in red light green light in dating is, you communicate well with them.

Everyone knows that communication is a major factor in a successful relationship. But simply communication itself won't do it - thoughtful communication that flows both ways in the relationship is key

2. You feel empowered.

Self-growth is important in anyone's life, but when you're in a relationship, it is also just as important to be able to grow with your partner.

Empowering Season 2 GIF by Motherland: Fort Salem

3. There’s life outside relationships.

Your partner is not the only person in your life. Sometimes you spend your weekend with your girlfriends and sometimes he has a boys night.

Boys Night GIF by AwesomenessTV

4. You both work together to keep your relationship healthy.

You and your partner put equal effort into the relationship (instead of feeling like one person has more say than the other). Examples are feeling like you are heard in your relationship or feeling comfortable speaking up, making decisions together as opposed to one person calling all the shots, and equally compromising on decisions in your relationship that make the other person feel important or respected.

high five team work GIF

5. You and your partner are best friends.

Your partner is not just your lover, they are your friend. A strong friendship can keep people together when the honeymoon phase is over. The friendship within the relationship builds a resistance against the temptation to be with someone else or intentionally hurting you.

Best Friends Bff GIF

6. You want similar things in life.

It’s a BIG green flag if you share common values with your partner for example belief, life goals, whatever is important to you should be important to them as well. 

7. You both are happy. This’s the most important. It’s simple and basic. 

Happy Jonah Hill GIF

🔴 Red Light 

1. They always agree with you.

They are not showing you the real self or not telling you the truth. They are just trying to please you all the time.

2. They hide something from you

E.g. do they keep you away from friends/family, never know what they’re doing or where about. etc

3. They talk down to you.

They never respect your opinion or give you a say in the relationship, they constantly point out your flaws and why you are not good enough.

4. Do they make you second guess their feelings?

At a certain point in the relationship, they should start making an effort to show you how they really feel about you. Do they invest in the relationship more or less like you do?

Confused Katherine Heigl GIF by CBS

5. They prioritize other things such as work, other relationships for example with friends more than you all the time.

Do they always cancel on you at the last minute? 

6. They don’t have long plans for you.

It means they just want to keep casual and don’t want to get serious. 

7. Their profiles are too dubious.

It’s common in dating apps which require no verification. Beware of dating scams as well. Remember to NOT giving ANY personal information to people you just met or barely know.

Suspicious Season 3 GIF by Parks and Recreation

Those are the Red Light, Green Light in dating. One of the biggest reasons for missing red lights is that we don't trust our own judgment. Perhaps you sense that something is wrong, but proceed anyway. Learning how to spot these red lights can help you avoid being trapped in toxic relationships in the future. Remember, you deserve to be in a loving and healthy relationship.

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