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6 Love Lessons from Crazy Rich Asians We Should All Take Note Of

6 Practical Love Lessons from Crazy Rich Asians

Love Lessons from Crazy Rich Asians that Singles and Couples Can Use

Crazy Rich Asians was a fun romp of a movie that also showed how an Asian-led cast could dominate the box office at Hollywood. While the glitz and glamour were entertaining to look at to see how the richest Asians lived and behaved, at the core of the movie was a timeless tale about how we were all the same when it comes to love – we all hope to love and to be loved by The Right One, whoever they may be.

Spoilers ahead, so stop reading if you haven’t watched the movie yet!

practical love lessons from Crazy Rich Asians

Here are 6 important lessons that we all can learn about love shown in the Crazy Rich Asians movie:

1. Be Honest with Your Partner

Nick Young, the main male character of the movie, never really told his America-born Chinese girlfriend Rachel Chu that he was the heir of one of Singapore’s richest families.

While this didn’t need to come up during their dating days, it would certainly be an important piece of information to tell your partner when you’re introducing your girlfriend to your family!

While Nick technically never lied to Rachel, omitting the fact that his family was extremely wealthy with its own social rules gave Rachel fairly nasty experiences in Singapore, ultimately affecting their relationship.

While you don’t have to overshare, it’s always important to be honest with your partner.

2. Your Partner’s Exes are Exes for a Reason

At Araminta’s bachelorette party which Rachel attends, a woman named Amanda befriends her. She deliberately makes Rachel feel bad, before revealing that Amanda herself was Nick’s ex. This, of course, makes Rachel feel even worse… except she really shouldn’t!

Exes are exes. No matter what your current partner’s relationship is like with their ex, trust in the fact that they’ve chosen to be with you rather than their ex. No matter how accomplished or physically attractive your partner’s ex are, they aren’t together anymore. You are the one who’s dating your partner.

It’s normal to feel insecure, but don’t let insecurity ruin your relationship. If their ex really bothers you, talk your feelings out with your partner calmly.

3. Don’t Let the Judgement of Other People Stop You from Finding Happiness

In “Crazy Rich Asians”, most of Nick’s family and friends thought that Rachel was unsuitable for him because she was born in a middle-class family. It was also mentioned that Nick’s paternal grandmother did not approve of Nick’s mother Eleanor as well, causing a life of pain and bad relationship ties.

In life, people will always judge the choices you make, whether it’s in your career or your choice of partners. While it’s good to consider the opinions of others, it is important that you do not allow superficial judgment to stop you from finding the happiness you deserve.

4. It’s Important to Stand Up for Yourself (and Your Partner) in Love

Even though Nick is fond of his family, he was willing to stand up to their antics of bullying the woman he loved, and to walk away from them. Even though it can be hard, there are times when you must stand your ground against others to maintain and nurture your love life. Actions speak louder than words – and they can really show your partner how much you love them.

5. Courage is the Key to Finding Real Love

best love lessons from Crazy Rich Asians

In the movie, Nick’s cousin Astrid found out her husband Michael Teo was cheating on her, due to him feeling insecure about the money he makes compared to her family. Knowing that this wasn’t the love life she deserved, Astrid makes the decision to leave Michael to find her independence and best life.

Leaving a life you’ve built can be scary, but it’s even scarier to stay in a life that doesn’t make you happy. This is also true for your love life. For example, you may go on some bad dates, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from going on more dates. If you have the courage to keep going on, you will find that one good date that will make all those dates worth it.

6. What Matters is the Future, not The Past

In the mid-credits scene, Astrid’s former fiancé Charlie shows up and exchange glances with her. Fans of the book will know that Astrid left Charlie in the past because her family thought he was unsuitable for her. Fortunately, the scene also hints at Astrid reconnecting with Charlie – perhaps the real love of her life.

crazy rich asians-2

An important lesson here is that no matter what has happened in your past, what matters most is your future. Don’t let your emotional baggage tie you down from finding happiness, and keep putting effort into finding the most amazing love.

After all, that is the future that you deserve to have.

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