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Virtual Date

Have A (Virtual) Date!

Social distancing doesn’t mean disconnecting! And dating doesn’t have to stop. Try the new and exciting dating experience at the comfort of your home with a virtual date arranged by Lunch Actually!

Just like face-to-face dates, meet attractive, quality matches that our matchmakers have handpicked based on your profile, values and preferences. It’s a great way to get to know your match before meeting them in real life. Your pool of potential matches may be broadened as well with our cross-state matching capabilities!

It’s easy, safe, fun and meaningful!

How Does It Work?

Talking to dating consultant in Lunch Actually
LA How it works - Step 1
Step 1

Meet our experienced Dating Consultant (virtually!) who will spend time with you to understand who you are and find out about your profile and preferences.

Searching a Partner at Lunch Actually
LA How it works - Step 2
Step 2

We scour our database to find compatible matches based on your preferences and arrange the virtual date for you!

We can also select a theme for your date (eg: Bring Your Pet, Wear Your Favorite Color, Make Your DIY drink, and more) and arrange for the date to be held on Zoom.

Attractive working single woman eating on a virtual lunch date
LA How it works - Step 3
Step 3

Attend your virtual date and just have fun!

At the start of the date, our Matchmaker will introduce both of you before you can continue to get to know each other in your own space!

Asian couple having virtual date
LA How it works - Step 4
Step 4

After each date, we will contact you for feedback! We can also help you arrange for the face-to-face date at your request or when the situation allows.

Who Says Virtual Date is Awkward?

Try These Fun Themes for Your Next Virtual Date

Or let your Matchmaker know so we can arrange this for you!

Surprises in a virtual date

Set a time for delivery, and schedule your favorite food to land on their doorstep. Watching them unbox and enjoy your favorite food—and you, theirs.

01 Delivery Roulette

Favourite food and drinks during a virtual date

Tap in your inner bartender. Get creative and make your favorite drink and show it during the date. Share the recipe with your date, and if the first date goes well, you can try theirs, they can try yours on the 2nd date!

02 Impromptu Bartender

Virtual games to play on a virtual date

There are plenty of virtual games you can try! For example Houseparty, Skribbl, Werewolf and many more! To spice things up, the one who loses the game will get a penalty.

03 Virtual Game Night

Movies to watch on a virtual date

Share your favorite meme or videos and watch it together with your date! And even better, if there’s a new show that you both have been wanting to watch, you can even sync Netflix and watch it together! It’s like going to the cinema, virtually!

04 Watch Party!

Having fun with virtual background

The great thing about a virtual date is, you can set your own virtual background to get the conversation started! For instance, show off a photo of your pet, your favorite holiday destination, or your #1 TV show, and you get to exchange stories and get to know your date better.

05 Have Fun with Virtual Background!

Ready for Your First Virtual Date?

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Create Your Private Lunch Actually Profile and Start Dating
100% Verified Profiles
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Serving Malaysian Singles


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